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As a Nationwide Presenting Sponsor, Greenwich Biosciences is proud to partner with the Epilepsy Foundation and its affiliates for events like this across the country. We are united in what we’re trying to accomplish, to raise epilepsy awareness, and to have a positive effect on care, on research, and on the lives of those who are impacted by seizures. Our commitment to the epilepsy community is that we never give up the hope that, one day, we will overcome the challenges of living with this disease. This is what drives us.

You may know us best as the company researching and delivering medicines to help address rare neurological diseases. But also know that our focus is you. Patients and families are at the center of everything we do, and we strive to make a positive and meaningful difference in their lives…in your lives.

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At Greenwich Biosciences, we are dedicated to offering innovative solutions that go beyond medicine. Our mission is to transform the lives of children, adults, and families who live with rare neurological diseases, and we are proud to bring you unspoken symphony.

Patients and families are at the center of everything we do. And with our innovative spirit and community in mind, it brings us great joy to give families a new way to connect with each other through art and music.


UnSpoken Symphony

Inspired by a little girl who can’t speak, unspoken symphony transforms artwork into an original melody,
giving families a new way to communicate and connect with loved ones like never before.

The Epilepsy Foundation thanks Greenwich Biosciences
for supporting the nationwide Walk to END EPILEPSY! 


We are proud of our sponsors and appreciate their continued support

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